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...There is nothing quite like the temperament of so many of our imports. I so often ask myself what it is that imbues those little cats from "the land of smiles" with a sweetness that no amount of 'advantages' of our Westerncivilization will guarantee to preserve in their offspring. Fortunately, part of it endures from one generation to another. Many Korat breeders staunchly believe that breeding for temperament and good health is far more important than breeding for some extreme type. Those who believe in preserving the ancient, native type, will find every means to implement their perpetuation.....

As a breed they are not talkative and they are not destructive. They are very intelligent, sensitive and receptive... and very active! Those of us who live with Korats and love them find a satisfaction and happiness in their companionship that we can never find in any other. Owners remark a lot about their Korat's participation. One told about a female who, tired of waiting for her supper, took her owner's wristwatch off the kitchen counter in her mouth and laid it in her food dish. Recently, Diane Golby told me she owed her baby's life to her Korat Brandy Wood Grandalf. Standing at the kitchen stove, she ignored the nips in the ankle he gave her until they became so frequnt she decided to see what he wanted. She went into the living room just in time to see her 3 week old son crawling to the open front door, watched by her Korat with a kind of "Well, Finally!" expression. Their special gentleness makes them wonderful children's pets. Their senses make them admirable companions for the elderly....

Daphne Negus
Si Sawat Cattery - USA


The Korat has a sweet nature with all the natural instincts untouched. They will try to win the top of hierarchy, but if they do not feel that this position is threatened the Korat is an active, charming, mild and very trusting cat, with its very personal way of seeing the world - everything revolves around it!

The true Korat temperament is a mild cat with a will of iron! A Korat is not afraid of anything - is convinced that it may do anything it has not previously been told not to - adapts quite easily to new situations - has a good self confidence - its feeling of self worth is not impaired in any way - has its own opinion about the people who come to the house. In spite of this very independent character a Korat is easy to train with love and firmness.

The 'sex-drive' of the Korat is very strong. It is recommended to neuter cats you are not using for breeding. On the other hand, the Korat is very good at birthing and taking care of its young. The females can easily give birth on their own, but appreciate the moral support of (at least one of) their humans. A Korat mother thinks of her kittens first when it comes to food and attention - when the kittens have had their fill, she will take what is left! She keeps an eye that nothing happens to her kittens, but had complete faith that her humans will take good care of them!

In all ages the Korat has a special way of bonding with its family. Humans are very important to them. But Korats tend to prefer their own kind and thrive best in homes without too many different breeds. A Korat will greet you at the door, where you sit, sleep along side you or on top of you. It will not let you out of sight but will follow you in everything you do. Because of their unique bonding skills Korats are ideal pets. The curiosity of the Korat and need to be close to its owner does that you have to be careful that it does not 'shoot' out the door or an open window when one is in the garden. The Korat is very fast, quiet and sleek - sometimes even a bit manipulative....

Camilla Baird
Primprau's Cattery - Denmark