A Korat is a lively and extroverted cat that demands close contact with its owner/family to thrive.

It is not necessarily the easiest cat to live with, as it has a great degree of self-confidence and expects you to adapt your habits to its needs and ideas... But, if you are ready to accept a few compromises in your everyday life and ready to give the Korat the attention and love it demands - when it wants it - you will have a very loyal and true friend for life. A cat that will follow you in EVERYTHING that you do - a cat that will sleep with you - it may even go into the shower with you.

Good to know, if you are thinking of living with one (or more) Korat(s):

In spite of the strong will of the Korat, it can quite easily be trained with respect and firmness. If the Korat from the very beginning learns that "no" means "no" (and not "maybe") and this is used consistently it will learn what is allowed and not allowed quite fast. That does not mean it won't try the limits once in a while... isn't that part of being a cat? The Korat has a mild will of iron - that says it all, doesn't it?


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