"My enduring love affair with the Korat began in California when I saw a little female standing in her exhibition cage at a show. She had one paw on a rung of the cage and was looking down the aisle in my direction, her eyes enormous, her body quivering with excitement and curiosity about her surroundings. From that day, all through my involvement with these very special creatures, my heart has been given to their protection and development and the sharing of the gifts they bestow upon the owners who perceive and value their love and beauty. One of the greatest rewards has been hearing the repeated comment 'I cannot imagine life without a Korat'.

As the last remaining active founder member of the Korat Cat Fanciers Association Inc., it is my hope that the methods - the pledges and promises - made to ensure the preservation of the breed in its traditional coloring and form will be respected and secure for all the years Korats have loving homes."

Daphne Negus
SI SAWAT Cattery - USA

In 1965, a small number of dedicated American and Canadian breeders formed the Korat Cat Fanciers Association Inc., an unaffiliated breed society. As secretary, Daphne Negus helped write the the breed standard and sought official recognition of the breed for championship status. They worked hard and exhibited their cats in as many shows as they could reach. Their unity of effort brought quick results. By mid-1966, several U.S. registries began recognizing the breed, and our cats started gaining show honors and admiration all over North America...

KCFA distributes a quarterly newsletter called "MAI PEN RAI", which is Thai for 'it doesn't matter' or 'never, never mind'. The purpose of the newsletter - and its title - is to remind Korat breeders and fanciers to keep the welfare and protection of the breed foremost and to never take themselves so very seriously that they forget the real reason for the existence of the Association - their CATS! In alternate years, MAI PEN RAI features cats more than 10 years old. The stories owners send in about these cherished pets illustrate how long-loved and long-lived the breed is. Photos show how Korat eyes retain their luminosity and how the glossy coats keep their silkiness into the cats' golden-or silver-years.

KCFA members prize their sweet-natured cats highly and sell them with the KCFA inc. Sales Pledge/Contract, signed by Seller and Buyer which guarantees that the cat is of proven Thai ancestry, is 'as represented as to quality, temperament and health', has had all immunizing vaccinations, and has been 'handled with love since birth. The Buyer promises not to let the cat run loose unprotected, or give the cat away without the knowledge of the seller. In the event it becomes impossible to keep it, never to deal with a pet shop or animal dealer, and never to permit breeding with another breed with intent to represent the progeny as Korats. The Contract is signed in behalf of a Pet quality Korat (namely one that has faults as defined in judging standard) and it is an Agreement to have the cat neutered or spayed at the proper age. Upon receipt of a certificate from a registered veterinarian that the operation has been performed, the papers are forwarded without further charge to the new owner. Further protection is afforded KCFA Members and their cats because each Member signs the Membership Pledge which clearly sets out simply worded rules aimed at preserving the breed and building its popularity and binds the Member to a Pledge to abide by the KCFA Inc. Constitution.

By means of KCFA Inc. Census Forms, maintained and circulated by the Breeders &Owners Directory Chairman, Members have access to up-to-date information on suitable pairings of bloodlines, available cats, kittens and stud service, as well as where the Korats are and who has them. These forms give an invaluable reference service not only for present day breeders but for those to come in the years ahead. KCFA keeps records of all imports. The Regional Directors and Board Members have these files and are always available to give advice and aid. Inquiries from the public are handled by the Regional Directors, using these files, so it's important for Members to supply up-dated statistics.