(concerning Korats)


2.6.3 KOR (Korat)

The FIFe shall not recognize any other colour variety than blue in the Korat.

The FIFe will not encourage any person or federation to produce colours other than blue in the Korat.

When breeding Korats:

  • only blue KOR shall be used, and only blue offspring from blue KOR parents can be registered as Korat (KOR),
  • offspring in a colour variety other than blue shall be registered as XSH/XLH.

When breeding Korat:

  • Korat cats used in breeding must have a DNA-test for GM, unless both parents are proven to be free from GM.

These breeding principles are to be followed:

  • GM-free x GM-free
  • Non-carrier x carrier – provided that all offspring are GM-tested.

If a desired mating is not completely covered by points above, the FIFe Member must approve such a mating in advance after having received a well-founded application. The FIFe Member states all conditions if the application is granted.
The cats that will need to be tested according to this rule must be identifiable by microchip or by tattoo.
The breeder must inform buyers of Korat cats about the GM-diseases and the registration policy. A certified veterinarian certificate regarding the GM-status must be attached to the pedigree.