To give right credits to all those who helped me create and maintain this huge website is the most difficult task for me: they are A LOT!!!

After the very first version of KORATWORLD (published in 1995), presenting very few contributions from the first Korat friends I had, I met many, many more and Koratworld grew fast and constantly to the website which is now available.
Again, the list would be really long, and to all of them goes my deepest gratitude. But certainly I have to spend some words for at least some of them; those that helped at the very beginning and that kept supporting this website "against all odds"... Here they are:

My personal thanks go to Daphne Negus (Si Sawat Cattery, USA) for all her help and support to this homepage and to the Koratworld mailing list.
Daphne is the source for all historical documents and pictures, she is our "memory" and a precious friend of all Korat lovers.
She provided me with tons of interesting and important information and allowed me to publish many of her articles about our beautiful breed.
Daphne was among the first in the USA to breed Korats. Her contribution to the knowledge of the breed is impossible to explain! Without her help, Koratworld would have missed the basics!

Special thanks also to Camilla Baird (Primprau's Cattery - Denmark) who, with her help in provinding and translating many articles from Scandinavian languages into English, (also checking my many language mistakes...), helped me a lot and contributed to the creation of this site from the very beginning... Camilla, moreover, is the breeder of my female "E.C. Primprau's Meo Hao" and a personal thank goes to her for all her help providing me with this very special Korat...

Thanks also to Jen Lacey (Jenanca Cattery - UK)! The UK pages are absolutelly informative and interesting! Jen is a Korat breeder since more than 20 years and has enlightened the Korat community with her experience and devotion for this unique cat. Jen is a referring point for many breeders and always a helpful friend.

Special thanks to my American friends...Thank you Wendy, Joan, Dennis and Judy, Doris, Carine, and again Daphne.
Thank you for your help, your support, your artilces, your nice pictures and, above all, for your frienship...

A special mention also goes to my German friend, Stephan Franke (Von Baan Thai Cattery), for his help with the German page and for his friendship.

A special thank goes also to my Swedish friends, Lennart, Johnny, Håkan, ....They helped me a lot with articles and pictures of famous and beautiful Korats from Sweden. The Swedish page is a really interesting reading! They have been among the first to help with this site! Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot to Eva Kryda and Elaine Vincent from Australia! From so far...Thanks for helping with the Australian page!

I can't forget to mention my cats (Korats and non-Korats)! All of them! We had good days and bad days... But I've always been happy of being owned by them!
These special creatures give me a lot in terms of joy, happyness and "inspiration" :)

Last but not least, it's a MUST to give credits, big credits, to two more persons...Thank you Dr. Massimo Castagnaro and Dr. Henry J. Baker for your help with our Korats! The Korat community will always be thankful to you for your hard work in helping our breed getting rid of that terrible genetic illness. All our respect goes to you and to your hard work and God bless you for what you have done until now and what you'll do for us in the future!



My name is Donatella Mastrangelo and I was born in Roma, Italy, in 1963.
I got involved in the cat fancy in the early 90s, showing my Europeans Shorthairs (Attila, a black male, and Rebecca a tortie girl).
In 1993 I got my first Korat couple and since then there have always been Korats in my life.
My cattery name is JADEYE and has been registered with FIFe since 1996.
I'm a FIFe member since 1990 and have been board member of my regional Club a few times.
In 2003 I've been appointed Secretary of the FIFe Korat Breed Council and, at present, I'm FIFe International Judge for Shorthairs (FIFe category III) and Siamese/Orientals (FIFe category IV).
It is always a big pleasure for me to go to shows both as exhibitor and as judge. When I judge, I love to handle those beautiful creatures and to interact with them. When I show my own cats, I always enjoy the climate and the company of other breeders and friends... going to shows is really something exciting! :)
In my normal life, I work as Administrative Manager at the Italian National Agency for the Environmental Protection and I deal, more specifically, with nuclear power plans decommissioning. That is my job for living... But "passion" is a different matter, and that is "cats"...