How I became a cat's owner
(written by Johnny Stjernström)

In January 1994, Håkan came to visit me. He brought pamphlets and information about a cat breed called Korat. I was politely interested. He and his family were going to get such a cat. He spoke fondly of the Korat. He tried to get me interested, but I didn't want any cat. Even though I am a great animal lover. 3 months later, I was a cat owner. A colleague of mine couldn't keep her cat any longer. The cat was 8 months old and an ordinary house cat, whom I called Doris. When I was asked if I wanted to buy her cat, it felt quite natural for me to get a cat.

The two pictures are of Koraby's Zero (d.o.b. 23-10-1994)
(Koraby's Karmen x Koraby's X-Calibur) Breeder: Anita Ericsson, Owner: Johnny Stjernstrom

I really looked forward to having a cat. Then Håkan started persuading me to have two cats. He saw his chance. I was stubborn and I was only going to have one cat. A long year went by and I started thinking that Doris might like to have a friend. One evening Håkan called me and asked me if I wouldn't be interested in buying an 8 month old Korat boy. His owners couldn't keep him any longer because of allergies. I was on holiday, so the timing was perfect. That's how I got Zero. It took a long week before Doris accepted Zero. She hissed a lot, Zero wanted to be good friends right away. Now everything seems to happen in full speed. They wrestle and gallop through the house as though hell was loose. Zero has a charming kink on his tail. He doesn't liking driving. So when we have to go anywhere I have to hide the carrier. If he sees it before I catch him, he disappears like greased lightning and it takes a lot of convincing and paience to get him out again. Doris is also very charming. She likes to sit on my lap. Regrettably, she is deaf like many white cats are. I don't notice this - she is a very active cat.

That is the story of how I got my cats.

Johnny Stjernström - Sweden

The Story of Emil
(written by Lennart Gunnarsson)

Our first Korat, 'Xantippe's Thai Anchali', came to us from Elfi Kleive in March 1985. She was a timid little lady who became a beloved member of our family. In April 1986 Emil, or 'Doklao Nai Ban' which is his real name, was born. The mother was Anchali and the father 'Ladon av Eniva'. Doklao is our cattery name. There was 3 kittens in the litter but Emil was the only one to survive. Of course he had to stay with us. He was a charming little boy, when he was tired he jumped up on the back of the sofa if I was sitting there and fell asleep on my shoulder. So there I have to sit for an hour or two until he woke up again.

When Emil was 4 month old it was time for his first visit at a Catshow, and he got a fine judgment. After that he was on Catshows now and then and got his Champion-certificate but was never nominated. But he was famous in Sweden and Norway as 'the Cat with the Show's biggest mouth', which a judge once said about him. Yes, he had a lot to say on the judging table and could be heard miles away. But suddenly it happened, in Oslo the 5th of March 1989. Emil was Int. Champion and was nominated to the panel. There he went all the way and was 'Best of Best' as the first Scandinavian Korat ever. It was a day of joy for all Korat-people at the Show and for us a day to remember.

Emil became Grand Int. Champion but was never nominated again. He was neutered and had to start from scratch and was Premier before he retired. Before he was neutered Emil was mated to some Korat ladies and was father of a good few kittens. One of the litters was our own. The mother was 'Sisaket Siri'. Siri did not care very much about the kittens, she gave them food but otherwise they were completely indifferent to her. But Emil was a wonderful father and took good care of them. They slept with him and he nursed them all the time.

One of the kittens, a male named 'Doklao Nai Koob Sook', nickname Bebben, still lives with us, and still he is 'dad's little boy'. As a result of this he has not, and has never had, any whiskers. As soon as they grow out a little Emil shaves him carefully. There is one more member of our Korat family, a halfbrother to Emil, Anchali is the mother. His name is 'Doklao Nai Singha', nickname Randolph. Anchali is dead, and so is Siri. Finally, Emil is a lovely cat and I hope we will have many more years together.


Lennart Gunnarsson
Doklao Cattery - Sweden

Some Swedish Korats Pictures

Ladon of Eniva is the elder

E.C. Ayapur's Racha is Nai Ban's son bred by Christina Kronlund and owned by Maria Björk

Sawat's Sunee
is Racha's sun

Doklao Nai Kob Sook - (Bebben)
Breeder and Owner:
Lennart Gunnarsson

Svanteberg's Ikaros Tarok
is Racha's son

Doklao Nai Singha - (Randolph)
Breeder and Owner:
Lennart Gunnarsson

Tadashi Ronja
bred and owned by:
Håkan and Eva Hellstrom
Tadashi Cattery - Sweden

Many thanks to our Swedish 'Korat friends' for these beautiful pictures of their cats.
Some of them are present in many pedigrees of our European Korats and it is very interesting for all of us to see how beautiful they are!
Thanks again!