How everything started

GIC. Jona's Cristal Lin

The first Korat cats came to Italy in October 1993. After a lot of work and effort, we are happy to say that our 'Korat family' increased considerably from that date. Everything started when in 1992 I decided to start breeding Korats. I had read an article, some time before, about this breed and suddenly decided to get one of those beautiful and particular cats. Then, after looking around in Europe for a while, I finally found my first two Korats. A beautiful female, Jona's Cristal Lin and an adult male, Jona's Mae Muang. These two cats represent the beginning of my breeding activity...

Cristal Lin gave birth to three litters of really beautiful kittens and, because of her beauty, became the most popular cat in Italy during 1995. She became Grand International Champion and got many good results in the exhibitions held during that year. She was many time Best in Show and almost always on the panel. In 1995 she was the second best foreign cat in Italy and the best adult cat among those from my regional club.

Cristal Lin and Mae Muang are inseparable! Criss, as I call her, has a strong temperament and always gets what she wants. She is not so talktative, but is able to express her feelings in so many different ways. She is very lively and always ready to play with everyone. She is extremely clever: I was so surprised the first time I saw her turning on the lights at home because of the dark coming! Both Cristal Lin and Mae Muang are living a happy and quiet life. They are both retired from competition and from breeding and, I'm sure, they are happy to know that some of their "grand children" continue to be used for breeding and show purposes.

EC.EP. Primprau's Meo Hao, WW '99, WW '00

The 1995 was an important year for me. In June I got a new female from Denmark. Primprau's Meo Hao came into my life! I called her 'Camilla' after her breeder's name, Camilla Baird.

I won't have ever enough words to describe this cat. I usually say: Camilla IS the Korat! It is very difficult to tell about her character. So what can I say? No adjective can do her justice because she is exaggerated in almost all her expressions!

When she is happy she jumps on my shoulders and starts purring and biting my ears sometimes screaming; when she is angry she behaves just like a wounded tiger and I must be extremely careful...

She loves to be showed and loves both judges and stewards. Let's say she loves people very much. But, on the other hand, she definitely hates other cats and expresses this hate with all the means she has! She is a dominant cat with everybody, cat or human, and the first message that she gives to everyone is: Hei!, I'm the Boss! Be careful, OK?

She has been now neutered During her show career she won the Best in Show title sevaral times, but also collected a good number of BEST OF BEST titles.

In 1999 "Camilla" finally got her highest award! She is now FIFe WORLD WINNER !!!
She is the first Korat to become WW in FIFe after 17 years of long wait! But it was not enough for her!!! In 2000 she did it again and is now a Double FIFe World Winner!!!

EC. Jadeye's Arrogance of Kal Lee

After these many success at shows, she retiered from competition and is now living with a good friend of mine... But her excellent bloodline is going on in some of her kittens and grand children.

At present I have her grand child at home, EC. Jadeye Caput Mundi, which resambles "granma" so much!... She is stuborn, spoilt and dominant as I can't describe... But I adore her! She had 3 litters until now: one with Kiriki Millennium, coming from the US, twowith Jenanca Justn' Thaim, a stud from UK.
I want to also mention some of the Italian Korats that went to breeding homes in other Countries.
  • Ch. Jadeye's Alice went to Germany at the "Flying Fools" Cattery
  • EC. Jadeye's Arrogance now lives in USA at "Kal Lee" Cattery
  • GRC. Jadeye's Al Capone is living in Canada at "Klahz" Cattery
  • Jadeye Cintah lives in France at "Les Coeurs de Muang Thai" Cattery
  • Jadeye Don Giovanni went to UK to "Jenanca" Cattery
  • Ch. Jadeye Dulcis in Fundo is also living in UK at "Hibreeze" Cattery
  • Ch. Jadeye Delilah is living in Argentina at "Chalerm" Chattery

I'm so proud of all of them! Many others live as "pets" in good homes so that we have more than 40 Korat cats living in Italy and the big public is getting even more interested in our breed. I hope there will become more and more in the future and, above all, I hope others will get involved in breeding such a wonderful breed!

Donatella Mastrangelo
Jadeye Cattery - Italy