In 1976 a show held in Offenbach was the first, in West-Germany, where 4 Korats were presented. Si-Kiu Chintana of Sun Team and her 3 kittens. Their owner was Mrs. Margot Osinski from Düsseldorf. They were all classifyed and valued as Korat cats in the Association Catalog.

In 1977 5 Korats were shown during an exibition held in Mainz. Sajan, an imported male from Thailand, and Tha Makhua's Najana, Chonticha, Pritsena and Gindana, owned by Michael Reimann, Braunweiler.

After 1977 nothing more was heard from this breed. By that time, the Korat was not recognised already by the European organisation (FIFe).

During 1981/82/83, a little group of very active Koratlovers started to show Korats from Michael Reimann again. In 1983 the breed achieved the Champion Status because of the hard work of Scandinavian breeders. Mrs. Osinski was the only German breeder who had a cat for the rules which were accepted by the Korat Cat Fanciers Association (KCFA). After that, German breeders did not have much luck with "Reimanns Korats", A few new cats from US, England and Norway were imported.

Nuad-Meo V. Baan Thai ( male - d.o.b. 29 June '96)
Stephan Franke

The Korat breeders of the 90's are working mainly with the descendants from Si-Sawat Roro Koompa Khan, Kariba's Charong (USA), Koorahk Cha Laht (GB), Nin Odin (N) and the females Si-Sawat Roro Kalaya Sushobana (USA), Z'Gippes Here Comes Trouble (N), or from a new Scandinavian line with cats from Maisita's Kasandra, Jona's Linchi Lin (N) and the male Primprau's Blue Comet (DK).

It is very important for German breeders that KCFA rules are observed. Most of them are members of this assotiation.

Even though Korat cats are present in Germany from the middle of the seventies, it's still an unknown breed and a lot of public relations is to be done, to make them known to the public.

Stephan Franke
Von Baan Thai Cattery - Germany
Elisabeth Weber
Von Rominten Cattery - Germany

 A German litter from Baan Thai
Sire: James Bond V. Schatteneck
Dam: Naiman-Raka Chat de Ascapha