A beautiful picture of E.C.Rataekora Lisu, DM
taken whan whe was 2 years old
Owner: Pälvi Niemi
Breeder: Audrey Pitt (UK)


GIC. Tatsutan Garion Raja-Rsayah -
male owned by Outi Niemi and bred by Anita Harkki

The first Korat to arrive in Finland was a Norwegian bred female, GIC Pimai's Sri Di-Di, who came from Elfi Kleive in 1987. Krista Kolehmainen (Deraza) had set her eyes on this rare breed and wanted to get one. Another breeder Pälvi Niemi (Kattihovin) got involved and also imported a female from Norway, EC. & PR. Nin Lili.

Pimai's Sri Di-Di was mated in with Jena's Tai Pan and the first litter was born in Norway. One of them, Deraza Thai Alin, stayed in Norway, but two males and a female flew to Finland. Nin Lili was mated with one of the males, Deraza Thai Arashi, and got 5 kittens.

Two more Korats were imported, GIC&PR Dongalas Friscus (a male from Norway) and EC Rataekora Lisu, DM (a female from England). Things were pretty slow, and there were only few litters, but with careful planning we were able to increase the amount of Korats and breeders.


EC.&EP. Kattihovin Fan Tatsuta-Hime
Owner: Anita Harkki - Breeder: Pälvi Niem

There have been some misfortune but also a lot of good luck. Some cats were imported that did not continue in breeding. In the early years there were kittens with chronic flu. Also some white spots and kinks have occurred. But mostly kittens have been healthy and found good homes. Some cats had no show temper, but others made their way to the top.

In 1990 a Korat-club was formed. Suomen Koratrengas ry &endash; The Korat Cat Association of Finland is a very small club with about 50 members, all devoted Korat-breeders or owners. We plan carefully each mating together and support all efforts to bring new blood into the country. Lately the club has also supported financially GM-testing.


This Beautiful kitten is Kattihovin Rippana Fushi, a four months kitten from Ch. Melodian Ayutthaya Narai and EC. Rataekora Lisu, DM
Breeder and Owner: Pälvi Niemi

In the 90's the amount of Korats has increased slowly. In the beginning of the year 1998 there are about 120 Korats in Finland. There are some litters born each year and a few more cats have been imported. Korats do well in shows and we have now 8 European Champions/Premiors.

After the borders to Scandinavia were closed because of some rabies-cases in Finland in the 80's, the Finnish breeders have been somewhat isolated. It is rather expensive to travel to central Europe for shows. But I'm sure things are changing now. With new means of communication and Koratworld to share information, we hope co-operate more to mutual benefit.


Outi Niemi
Poison Cattery - Finland
Secretary/Cashier of The Korat Cat Association of Finland