The Belgian Korat Club will organise a Special Korat at 6 february 2005 in Brussels Pyramides
For any kind of information, please keep in touch with:

c/o Myriam Den Hond
Devochtlaan, 7/5 - B 3700 Tongeren
Tel/Fax: +32 12 39.16.89
Email: cfb.mdh@skynet.be

The first Korat in Belgium

Already in 1982 a Belgian returned from his holiday in England with a male Korat as his luggage, but he never bred with him and he rarely participated at shows with him.

Caroline Pulinx saw this cat for the first time at a show in Utrecht in 1991 and she immediately gave in for his charm. She kept in touch with the owner, Mrs. Den Uyl, with hoping to buy a kitten some day. But Mrs. Den Uyl moved and disappeared out of the cat world. Four years later, in February 1995, a world-famous cat photographer called Tetsu Yamazaki, accompanied by his wife Noriko and an interpreter &endash; also a cat lover and a good friend &endash; Kiyoshi Yamamoto, came the whole way from Japan to photograph Belgian cats during the show in the Brussels' "Pyramides" organised by Cat's Fanciers of Belgium for his catalog and his calendar. The threesome stayed a whole week in our country to photograph cats at home. After their tour, the Japanese spent an evening with Myriam Den Hond, member of the Board of Directors of C.F.B. and responsible publisher of the magazine of her association. Shortly before the show Mrs. Pulinx said to her friend: " I wish I had a Korat!" So during the meal the question: "have you already met Korats?" came up. Mr. Yamamoto answered immediately that he knew three breeders in France and that he would fax their addresses as soon as he came home. He had done it like he said and in April 1995 Jibou Lee de Jacatou landed up in Rijkel.

But this was only the start! Jibou Lee definitely wanted to have a girlfriend. The female had to belong to another bloodline to avoid any close relationship. The breeder of Jibou Lee himself was searching for a stud. He found one in Rodez (south of France) and he came up with the idea that a sister of his new stud could be suitable for Jibou Lee. He had registered his cats for the CFB-show of Waremme, that took place in October 1995, and he suggested to register Anakot-Wan de Grisegura also, so Mrs. Pulinx could see her.

This became a scoop for our little country: six Korats at a show. Even in the the United States something like that had never happened!

What happened apart from that? Kha Lin de Jacatou, a half-sister of Jibou Lee immediately got on with Mrs. Den Hond.

The B.C.P.K
(in Dutch: B.V.B.K, Belgische Vriendenkring voor de Bescherming van de Korat.)

The Belgian circle of friends for the protection of the Korat was put together in Hasselt at 28 April 1996. The head office lies in the D. Van Leeuwenstraat, 12A 3840 in RIJKEL.

The breed club is bilingual (for Wallonië: Amicale Belge pour la Protection du Korat; A.B.P.K.)

The aims from the circle of friends are:

  • the protection of the rights and interests of breeders and owners of cats belonging to the protected Korat breed.
  • a better recognition of the breed Korat, just like the regulations of the breeding.
  • to keep the breed pure by avoiding all crossing with other cat breeds.
  • look after the physical and mental welfare of the cats of the breed Korat in Belgium.
  • to register of the pedigrees and use sales contracts for cats of the breed Korat.

Everybody who's got a Korat and is interested in the breed or wants to support the circle of friends can become a member.

Caroline Pulinx
Anakot Wan Cattery - Belgium


Caroline Pulinx
D. Van Rijkelstraat 12A
3840 Rijkel


Myriam Den Hond
Devochtlaan 7/5
3700 Tongeren


Jean-Marie Vanden Bosch
Wildert 100
2170 Merksem

Guan-Yin, Khaimoek and their baby Nah-Rakh Napha Naramit
Owner: Mrs. Jean-Marie Vanden Bosch - B